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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does explosafe weigh? From 38 to 47 grams per liter, depending on the type.

How much volume does explosafe take? From 1 to 2 percent of the total volume, depending on the type of application.

Does explosafe require maintenance? It does not require any maintenance program. Around-the-clock, every day, year-in, year-out, the explosafe System is passive, requiring no costly support program.

Does explosafe have any influence on the movement of liquids? explosafe prevents rapid liquid movement and dangerous shifts in the center of gravity. Tests have demonstrated slosh reduction on tank walls by a factor of forty with moderate, sinusoidal accelerations.

For which fuels or gases is explosafe suitable? explosafe can be used with almost all volatile liquid combustibles.

Does explosafe retain fuel? explosafe is aluminum and therefore nonabsorbent. Fuel retention is negligible.

Do you install the explosafe System? We supply customers with an installation manual with the batts numbered to indicate the sequence of installation.

Who is currently using the explosafe System? Individuals in the case of consumer products such as jerry cans and tote tanks. Industry and the military for valuable land, sea and air applications.

Have you had any accidents or failures of the explosafe System? The explosafe System does not fail.

How about disposal of the material? The disposal of aluminum alloys does not require any special facility. Aluminum is easily recyclable and won’t pollute the environment. Used aluminum has an economic value and can be sold.

Is there any flow-rate decrease? There is no effect on fuel performance. Aluminum alloys are widely used in fuel systems and fuel flow continues smoothly without any adverse effect.

Does explosafe have any influence on static charges during refueling? The foil provides a grounded matrix throughout the tank interior. explosafe is unsurpassed in its ability to dissipate electrostatic charges resulting from fuel flow and turbulence.

Is there any contamination of fuel? Shearing of foil with rotary slitters is cleaner when compared with conventional guillotine-type cutting methods.

Can I use explosafe to retrofit my fuel tank? explosafe can be formed and shaped to meet any installation requirement, for new and retrofit applications.

Does explosafe have competitors? Yes. However, explosafe is the original product. The other technologies came later.

How much does explosafe cost? Cost varies depending on form, application and quantity.

For which applications can explosafe be used? explosafe is recommended for use wherever dangerous fuels are handled or stored, and wherever explosive atmospheres may form. It is particularly suitable for the protection of vehicle tanks – land and sea vehicles, as well as aircraft – both in the military and in the public sector. It is also a good and affordable solution for the protection of petrol stations and fuel storage sites.