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Explosafe The System

Exploding volatile liquids and gases resulting in severe blazes is a real hazard of modern life, often resulting in casualties and property damage. The explosafe Explosion Suppression System prevents the formation of destructive pressures after the ignition of vapors or gases. “Quenching” inhibits flame propagation by dividing a container into small cells. A porous filler mass of high heat absorptivity, explosafe absorbs the heat released during the reaction.


  • …reduces danger in the event of fire
  • …prevents volatile liquids and gases from exploding
  • …increases crash resistance of tanks and containers
  • …reduces evaporation of hydrocarbons
  • …reduces sloshing movement of liquid cargo
  • …prevents electrostatic charges
  • …protects against electromagnetic disturbances (EMDs)
  • …offers around-the-clock, maintenance-free protection
  • …has a long life expectancy
  • …can be installed in high-temperature environments
  • …is easy to install
  • …is very light
  • …has no impact on fuel-system performance
  • …is recyclable and reusable
  • …is nonabsorbent
  • …is compatible with all common combustible liquids